jeudi 15 mars 2012

Best practice : protect OU from accidental deletion in 2008R2

In 2008 domain, when you create an OU, it is protected by default from accidental deletion.

But if you have got OU presents from a migration or something else these OUs are not protected against deletion.

 You can do it via the interface "Active Directory Users and Computers", right click on the "OU>properties>object>check the box 'Portect object from accidental deletion'".

If you can't see the "object" tab, it's because you have to activate the advanced features view. In ADUC, "View>Advanced Features".

If you have a lot of OUs, you would make this by a script...
So, open "Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell" and enter this command

Get-ADOrganizationalUnit -filter * | Set-ADOrganizationalUnit

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