jeudi 8 mars 2012

Clone a virtual machine without vmkfstools

Clone a virtual machine without vmkfstools:

Power Off Server-A

scp -r /vmfs/volume/LUN25/Server-A/ /vmfs/volume/LUN30/Server-B/


cp -r /vmfs/volume/LUN25/Server-A/ /vmfs/volume/LUN30/Server-B/

cd /vmfs/volume/LUN30/Server-B

modify all names from Server-A to Server-B

mv ServerA-flat.vmdk ServerB-flat.vmdk
mv ServerA.vmdk ServerB.vmdk
mv ServerA.nvram ServerB.nvram
mv ServerA.vmx ServerB.vmx
mv ServerA.vmxf ServerB.vmxf
mv ServerA.vmsd ServerB.vmsd

modify all referrences inside the .vmdk .vmx .vmxf from Server-A to Server-B
delete all vmware*.log files
vmware-cmd -s register Server-B.vmx
vmware-cmd Server-B.vmx start

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